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Lawrence L. Kaye, P.C. is a New York City based law firm devoted to providing high quality legal representation to their clients. We offer a free initial legal consultation (either in office or by telephone) to discuss your case and/or any legal questions you may have about your legal rights and responsibilities. (even if you already have an attorney)

The firm Lawrence L. Kaye, P.C., provides high quality legal representation in New York City and the surrounding areas in the fields of immigration, family law, divorce, custody, visitation, general business and civil litigation and personal injury. The firm offers a full range of legal services, including unbundled services at a set rate for clients who only need legal help with a portion of their case. 

The firm handles many aspects of immigration (green cards, visas, deportations, waivers), general and business law litigation, personal injury, divorce and family law matters and real estate (landlord/tenant, purchase and sales) either on a full representation basis or through a more limited unbundled legal service.  

Unbundled Legal Services is also referred to as short term limited legal representation.  Unbundling legal services is the process of taking a client’s legal matter and breaking it down into separate tasks.  The firm provides representation that is only related to one or more of those tasks.  The client is responsible for tasks necessary to complete his or her legal matter. Unbundled legal services allows greater access to justice for the client at a fraction of the cost. Clients who might otherwise attempt to navigate the justice system without the assistance of counsel benefit from having legal guidance provided by limited scope representation.  Unbundling allows the firm to provide short term legal services at a reduced cost.  The limited legal services are provided at fixed fee rather than on the standard billable hour. Of course, the firm is also available to take your entire case, and represent you from beginning to end.

Some examples of Unbundled Legal Services offered by the firm include:

  • providing basic legal advice

  • drafting pleadings, briefs, contracts, agreements

  • document review

  • conducting legal research

  • advising on court rules and procedure

  • making limited court appearances

  • ghostwriting

  • negotiating

  • providing direction to resources such as local and state rules

As a practicing attorney for over 25 years, Mr. Kaye is results driven and treats all clients with a distinguished level of quality and dedication and being known for his professionalism, preparation, responsibility, and reliability. In fact, all of our clients can expect to work directly with Mr. Kaye from start to finish. Your matter is never handed off to an inexperienced paralegal or secretary. The firm takes pride in providing the one-on-one and personalized attention that the client deserves.

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